Go Sensations, Go on Facebook, and KGS

Posted on January 29, 2009

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Alexander Dinerchtein launched a new Go website this month called Go Sensations. The site publishes the most interesting games played on the largest Go servers in the world (KGS, Cyberoro, Tygem, IGS, Dragon, Dashn, etc). I like the simplicity of the website, and it’s great that games are added frequently (always with good introductions, sometimes with game review comments). The identity of the legendary tartrate was even revealed in an article there, and it was followed up by other articles about him.

This month, I created the Philippine Go Association group in Facebook. The group is open to everyone so you don’t have to be a registered member of PGA to join. The main purpose of this Facebook group is to increase the awareness about the game and the association. There’s also the Go Players on Facebook group which seems to be the generic Go group in Facebook. It’s quite big, and seems to be the official Go group on Facebook (it is led by prominent people in the US Go community and a wiki entry has already been created in Sensei’s Library). Be sure to check them out if you’re in Facebook.

Even though I’ve known KGS for quite some time now, I’m not very familiar with its features. After a friend introduced me to the KGS archives feature, I checked if my suspicions are correct. And I’ve confirmed it, I’ve played more games in the last 2 months vs almost 2 years before that (in KGS alone). I’ve only finished 17 games in KGS in the period of Feb 2007 to Nov 2008. While I’ve played 17 games last Dec 2008, and 14 games this Jan 2009. Another friend also introduced KGS clan games in our mailing list and we now have the Ultra Electro Magnetic Clan. It’s been encouraging me to play more so I really appreciate it.

Those are some of the Go highlights in my life this month. Looking ahead, it seems like there’ll be a lot of Go activities for me to write about so stay tuned. 🙂