Top 100 Games

This is my personal list of top 100 games in Go but I’ll have to build it from scratch and rank them along the way. And even if I reach 100 games I’ll probably keep on updating it as I observe newly played or discover old games.

  1. 1933-1934 Game of the Century - Honinbo Shusai (w) vs Go Seigen (b)
  2. 11th Samsung Cup, Semi Finals, 2nd round - Chang Hao (w) vs Seo BongSoo (b)
  3. 19th China Mingren Title Match, 1st round - Gu Li (w) vs Zhou Ruiyang (b)
  4. 1976 Sino-Japanese Weiqi Friendship Tournament, April 17 match - Nie Weiping (w) vs Iwata Tatsuaki (b)
  5. 10th LG Refined Oil Cup, Title Match, 2nd round - Choi CheolHan (b) vs Lee ChangHo (w)
  6. 9th Nongshim Cup - Chang Hao (w) vs Mok JinSeok (b)
  7. 14th Meijin League Round 18 - Takemiya Masaki (b) vs Awaji Shuzo (w)
  8. 22nd Fujitsu Cup Finals - Kang Dongyun (w) vs Lee ChangHo (b)
  9. 2016 Google DeepMind Challenge Match, game 4 - AlphaGo (b) vs Lee Sedol (w)