Welcome to my blog about Go!

Posted on October 20, 2008

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After thinking about it for a year, it’s finally here. My Go blog is up and I have some ideas for my next few articles. If you don’t know what Go is, read this Wikipedia article.

I’ll be writing about my Go learning resources like books and websites. I’ll also be describing Go activities that I participate in. So far, these activities are only either here in Metro Manila or online. Some of them are official activities of the Philippine Go Association, while others are organized by local Go players. I hope some day I’ll be able participate in Go activities in other countries so I can write about them too. :)

I’m also building up my personal list of top 100 Go games. There are only 3 items in the list at this time but I’ll be adding more and more games soon.

So welcome to my Go blog and I hope to hear from you. Post some comments or join the mailing list of Philippine Go Association.